A new kind of drone mapping course for girls

We offer a top-tier drone mapping course with career training, mentorship, and the latest technology from FAA-certified instructors.

Designed for girls aged 16 to 21, we provide unwavering support to combat gender bias in STEM education.

Join 80,000 girls becoming drone pilots

Welcome to the ABJS Drone Girlz Mapping Program!

You can make up to an $83,500 salary flying drones as a licensed pilot

The demand for skilled drone pilots is expected to grow by 51.1%

Get started today, with step by step instructions!


Instructors train using the latest technology. Also help students prepare for exams. So you ace it.

Job Readiness

Through the Drone Girl Mentorship Initiative, you can apply for internships. We help you navigate the job market with confidence.

About Us

Our mission, through 2003, is to empower girls through STEM education. We’re teaching girls how to capture real-time digital images of outdoor and indoor spaces using drones.
These skills provide them with broader career choices in various fields. Drone piloting is growing for real estate, construction and engineering.

Scholarships make what once was out of reach now reachable

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