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Empower young girls to explore and excel in areas they hadn’t considered.

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The program’s objective is to empower and support young individuals by providing a wide range of resources and services. We aim to offer mentorship and guidance to ensure that they have the necessary tools and support to achieve success.

In addition, we will provide workshops and job-readiness to help them prepare of the competitive job market. Our program will also facilitate networking opportunities, allowing them to establish valuable connections with potential employers. Moreover, we will provide access to internships and other job-related experiences to enhance their practical skills knowledge.

Furthermore, the program will provide access to diverse range of resources that will aid youth in discovering fitting employment opportunity. These resources encompass job boards and career counseling services, which are designed to assist individuals in  their pursuit of suitable career. To endure a seamless transition into the workforce, the program will offer career coaching and job placement assistance, enabling participants to develop essential job-seeking skills like crafting resumes and composing cover letters. These comprehensive services will extend continued support as youth embark on their professional journeys.

At our institution, we wholeheartedly embrace girls from diverse backgrounds, celebrating the richness that their differences bring. Our educational environment is open to individuals from various ethnicities, cultures, religions, and social backgrounds. Regardless of your race, nationality, language, or socioeconomic status, we provide a nurturing and inclusive space where you are valued and respected.

Our commitment goes beyond merely offering education; we are dedicated to ensuring that all girls have equal opportunities to learn and grow, free from any form of discrimination. We strive to foster a sense of belonging, understanding, and empathy among our diverse student body.

We are actively engaged in dismantling barriers and promoting equal access to education for all girls. Through scholarships, mentorship programs, and community partnerships, we empower those who may face additional challenges due to socioeconomic factors, ensuring that no one is left behind. Our unwavering commitment is to provide every girl with the tools and support she needs to succeed and reach her full potential.

We firmly believe that diversity enriches the learning experience for everyone. By embracing different perspectives, experiences, and talents, we create a vibrant community where girls can thrive. Our curriculum and teaching methods are thoughtfully designed to honor and integrate each student’s unique cultural heritage, cultivating an inclusive and globally minded mindset.

In acknowledgment of the significance of financial literacy, the program will integrate personalized financial coaching for students who are pursuing certification as drone mapping pilots. This aspect will empower them with indispensable financial skills, ensuring their ability to navigate the job market with confidence and success. Additionally, the program will offer tailored mentorship and guidance to support them along their unique career trajectories.

In order to provide students with extensive career guidance, the program will implement a mentorship initiative. Additionally, eligible students will be offered internship opportunities with local businesses, enabling them to gain practical experience and exposure to the industry. Moreover, a wide range of educational resources will be accessible to enhance their knowledge and skills.

In order to ease financial pressures, students enrolled in the program will be provided with a stipend to support them in meeting expenses associated with training and internships. Once the program is successfully completed, students will be offered job placement support and the opportunity to pursue additional education should they wish to further their academic pursuits. This aims to relieve students of financial burdens, ensuring they have the necessary resources and guidance to transition into the professional world or continue their educational journey.


Why Drones

A girl who knows drone mapping is a girl who can pursue a career in geospatial technology, engineering, environmental sciences, and aerial data and analysis. All of which could use some Girl Power.

Drone Girlz program graduates, even without a college education, are highly employable and can potentially out-earn college graduates. Drone operators earn an average annual salary of $88,196, and the demand for skilled pilots is rapidly increasing.

A close up of an unmanned aerial vehicle

In 90 days, girls obtain the training needed for professional drone pilot licenses. Over the past two decades, we’ve trained 80,000 girls, many of whom pursued STEM careers.

We’re dedicated to keeping Drone Girlz up-to-date with the latest tech trends in STEM fields, ensuring they have the skills to tackle future challenges. We continually refine and expand our program based on feedback from our participants.

The demand drone pilot is expected to grow by 51.1%. Piloting drones for mapping and surveying no longer requires a highs school diploma.

Drone education is important as it equips individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to safely and responsibly operate drones. It promotes understanding of aviation regulations, flight safety, and ethical considerations. By fostering drone education, we can maximize the benefits of this technology while minimizing risks and potential misuse.

Corporate Partnerships

The global market for commercial drone technologies will reach $43.1 billion by 2024. Because of emerging technologies, the need for skilled talent grows. Partnering with us provides you with access to skilled young talent. 

A partnership can enhance public relations and fulfill your corporate social responsibility objectives.

STEM Mentors & Career Counselors

Many girls learning STEM feel like they don’t have mentors or role models. They don’t have anyone to ask questions to when they’re feeling lost. Become a STEM mentor or career counselor to help students secure their dream jobs. 

Event Organizers

Coordinate events, workshops, and webinars that enhance our students’ learning experience. Or you can help fundraise that support our mission. 

Community Outreach

Men make up 73% of all STEM workers. We’re committed to ensuring girls are at the forefront of STEM fields. Help us engage with local communities to encourage participation. Follow us on LinkedIn and X (formerly Twitter).

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